The Shadow Realm is a place.

Shadows Edit

Shadows are seen as black puddles, usually bleeding bright red secretions, and only appear at Nightfall. True origin is unknown, but they are known to have spawned from the darkness of the human subconscious. These entities prey upon vulnerabilities of the human psyche and would consume its victims empty. Being victim to shadows is the cause of Reverse Morphosis Disorder(RMD) and the severity of its attack also reflects in the severity of apparent symptoms.

These entities are merciless, or rather lack any sense of mental faculty outside of the desire to consume.

Unknown from the public, the only correlation found between RMD and its cure is defeating the shadow which consumed a particular victim. Thus, killing shadows is a means to cure RMD.

Shadow BossesEdit

Powerful shadows that possess greater capabilities and powers that rival those of Persona. Shadows are suspected to fully mature into these beings once they have cultivated enough darkness, thus becoming 'complete'.


Nightfall begins once the sun fully sets and ends once its dawn. During this period, shadows prowl the streets for prey.

The Winged OnesEdit


Shadow MirrorEdit

“Bind darkness with light”

The objective is to use “Moon Mirror” to bind the Winged Ones to the Shadow Realm. To gather enough mental strength, as many students as possible must lend their aid, and make the spell even stronger. In cooperation with the ORS and the RMDRT, they will use the 3 Shadow Mirrors in their possession to create a portal to the Shadow Realm, within a secure location far from civilian’s prying eyes.

Their strength is in their numbers, and with their combined powers, they can even out the odds with the Winged Ones. They will engage them in battle, and when weakened, they will be able to use Moon Mirror to bind them to the Shadow Realm.

Since the concept of time is distorted in the Shadow Realm, there is no end of Nightfall, thus, they will be trapped there almost permanently.

Activating the powers of the Shadow Mirrors together (forming a triangle, the portal emerges from the middle) will attract the Shadows to the area. There needs to be Persona-users who will stay behind and defend the portal (which would be the teachers. Since they know about the plan beforehand, they would have been prepared for this. The Winged Ones inside the Shadow Realm are Shadow replicas)