Kazuki Mizuyama is the headmaster of Higashimori Highschool. He may appear to be a silent fellow, but Kazuki Mizuyama is an elegant, hardworking man whose personal mission in life is devoted to running Higashimori High School. He deeply cares for each of the students under his wing, and ensures that they would graduate from the school as well-learned as possible. He always has a soft smile on his face, reflecting his mild-mannered and positive demeanor. He may have a great deal of patience and understanding, but he is very strict with the rules that he established, and expects everyone, may it be a teacher or a student, to follow them. He is kind and gentle, but will become strict when necessary.


Kazuki Mizuyama came from a rich family who was well-acquainted with putting the benefit of others first rather than themselves. Growing up in this kind and friendly environment, he may have been sheltered to some negative thoughts and beliefs from outside. He does not cope well with cruelty, but tries his best to understand that these things too have a place in the world. Without war, there is no peace, and these help people grow stronger.

He developed a great fondness for teaching, and had studied college education as his major in one of the prestigious universities in Japan.

Upon coming across Higashimori High School five years ago in ashen ruins, he saw this as an opportunity, and bought all the rights for the school, transforming the charred facilities into a completely different institution from how it was once before. He was generous enough to extend the opportunity of good education to anyone, whom he believes, deserves it.



-Has a great interest in the occult and supernatural phenomena. -Heavily learned in mythology, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology. He is fond of magical things. -He is now alone in life, with his parents both dead from sickness, and devoted his time and life to running the school. -He owns a Black Ferrari, a condominium in Central, an estate in England, and a traditional mansion in Kitamori Island. He did not these, except for the condominium and the car, as they were part of his inheritance when his parents passed on. -His closet is comprised of mostly designer clothing. -Oh and... he's a man. Really. He is.