Isadora Aristova is the chief superintendent of the Kirimori City Police, as well as leader and creator of ORS. She's cool and calculating, and feels no need to explain anything to wusses or ignorant people simply bent on complaining. Isadora also tends to keep information to herself.


Isadora came into service for the Special Assault Team in Osaka, named Zero Company at the age of 20. After 5 short years of service, she proved to be capable and efficient. Promotion to Captain was only a matter of time. 5 months after she attained the rank she sustained an injury on her left wrist such that her hand would shake if she used too much force. This rendered her unable to continue with all the action. Shortly after as she discovered her hand would never heal completely, she transferred to a desk job in Kirimori City as the Chief Superintendent of Police. She currently coordinates all police activity throughout the city. Although an injury is a slight inconvenience she is still fully capable of handling herself outside the office, but she would rarely be spotted on the front lines.