Dr. Kumori Himura is the head of the RMD Research Team. Generally, he's serious and calm, but he's also kind and sensible. He sometimes speaks in textbook terminology without realizing and his sense of humor is really quite dry. Overall, there's not much that stands out about this fellow aside from his desire to help others.

History Edit

Kumori grew up in a typical Japanese home. His interest in healing the mind didn't spark until his grandfather suffered from Dementia and ultimately died of Alzheimers. It confounded the 8 year old as to why his favorite grandpa could not seem to even remember his grandson's face, let alone his name. After studying hard and excelling in all areas, he graduated with honors and a degree under his belt. The man was always quite brilliant and innovative, trying methods that most of his colleagues over-looked with successful results. Kumori was scouted to work as the Research team head for a private company after he came up with a possible formula that could potentially cure the new wave of mental disease known as RMD. After more research plus trial and error, Himura and his team have developed a new drug called 'Absinpiridine'.


He was first introduced pre-Chapter 9 as the head of the RMD Research Team, soon leading to the creation of the cure for RMD.

Trivia Edit

  • He's married, and his wife is a psychologist. It's also up to her to dress him in a daily basis.
  • Most people find him boring and his sense dull sense of humor doesn't help.
  • He's not much of a fan of pets.