This arc marks the beginning of the Morphos Metaphor plot-line. kirimori myster, school attack, shadows, and ultimately persona. Covers trhe prologue and first 4 chapters.

Rough General SynopsisEdit

Soon after the start of the school semester, mystery plagued the city of Kirimori due to the rise of patients diagnosed with what came to be called the Reverse Morphosis Disorder, or RMD. Findings towards research to find ways to alleviate the problem deemed inconclusive and would have considered its patients terminally ill until a few teenagers suddenly recover from it.

These teenagers, students of Higashimori Highschool, would be able to integrate back into their school lives, despite the increasing dangers in the night. Life went on, and the students were able to celebrate with an Acquaintance Ball. But what they didn't expect was the sudden manifestations of shadows which led to panic, injuries, and ultimately closing down the school.

What went unannounced was the actual mysteries behind the incident. Certain students who fought for survival and saving one another were able to tap into something called a Persona. It was thanks to which that they were able to make their way to safety to the school observatory.

Those with the potential for Persona eventually found themselves entering another realm, the realm of the Arcane Court. There, they are welcomed and briefed about the recent events by it's attendant, an Avatar. Students eventually woke up finding themselves safe and sound in their homes and dorms. In their possessions, a keychain that was explained to tap into their potential once attached to their evokers -- their cellphones.

Students are left to mull over their situations while their school under went repairs and renovations.

Plot PointsEdit

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